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Macken Mortuary is the premier provider of funerals and cremations in Oceanside, NY, and the surrounding areas. We are a family-own and operated funeral home ever since our founding 100 years ago and we feel very fortunate to be able to continue the tradition. At Macken Mortuary, we pride ourselves on serving families with dignity, respect, and compassion. We offer many service options to honor a life no matter their preferences, religion, or budget. Our staff is dedicated and experienced in a variety of funeral and cremation services and is always willing to assist you. Give us a call today at (516) 766-3300 or (516) 431-7800.


Oceanside, NY Funeral Home And CremationsAre you looking for an experienced provider for funeral home and cremations in Oceanside, NY? If so, look no further than Macken Mortuary. With well over a century of service in the industry serving this area, there is no better option for these services. Our funeral professionals have the expertise and compassion to guide you through the matters at hand as you make end-of-life arrangements for your loved one.


Through time, there have certainly been changes in available services and processes for laying your loved one to rest. It has been critical to Macken Mortuary to stay up to date with current trends in the industry and use top-notch practices to deliver the best possible results to you, our consumers. It is also vital that we leave space for those who wish to have traditional services. This can be such a source of comfort in a time of deep anguish, such as after the loss of a loved one.


Honoring Services and Customs


With both classic or modern service options, we are sure to be able to help everyone. Perhaps the most traditional service we offer is a full funeral service. However, it doesn’t need to follow a standard service format. Each service can be styled in unique ways to honor the individuality of the person who has passed on. Funeral services are held with the body of the deceased present at the service, often in a closed casket.


Memorial services can also be very individually customized to fit the needs of your circumstances. Memorials can be held soon after the death or even months later if needed. This flexibility is aided by the fact that the deceased's body is not present for this event. Cremated “ashes” could be part of this event, however. Memorials still offer an opportunity to gather in support and memory of a well-lived life.


A more modernized option is cremation. This procedure takes the remains from the intact form and reduces them to a granular ashen consistency. This is done through incineration. Contrary to prevailing myths, cremation doesn’t rule out the ability to hold a funeral for the same person. If cremation is to be the means of preparation for final disposition, the funeral is held beforehand. Cremation cannot be reversed, so families are encouraged to really consider if this is a good fit for their goodbye preferences.


Some Things to Remember When Attending Services for Funeral Home and Cremations in Oceanside, NY


Everyone can benefit from a bit of review of some basic etiquette rules for these types of situations. This is true whether you are planning to attend a funeral for someone you don’t know very well or if you are the next of kin for someone who has passed. Here are a few gentle reminders if you are due to be part of any services related to funeral home and cremations in Oceanside, NY:


  • Conservative Dress: Unless a casual or formal dress code has been specified, it is best to stick with respectful, conventional styles. Try to do nothing that would call attention to yourself in a distracting way.
  • Special Religious Customs: Look for cues from the funeral director or the group as a whole in how to navigate religious customs. Again, if you avoid calling attention to yourself, you will likely be just fine.
  • Electronics: It can be difficult to unplug, even for a short time. Please remember that the gift of being present is a very thoughtful show of support at times such as these. If leaving the phone locked away or powered off is not possible, remember to silence your phone or at least set it to vibrate. Also, remember not to answer any calls in the common service areas.
  • Sign the Guest Register: Even if you are closely related or a more distant acquaintance, take a moment to sign the register. Many people treasure this record of who came. Record your first and last name and how you are associated with the deceased.
  • Observe Posted Notices or Rules: Wherever you attend services, particularly at cemeteries or memorial parks, take a few minutes to read over any public postings of rules or procedures. This will help you know how to interact in the space that many view as sacred.
  • Consider Your Tone of Voice: A mournful gathering can also be a time of sharing and reminiscing. If you choose to participate in side conversations, try to avoid boisterous laughter or being distracting or disrespectful with loud voices.


Call to Discuss any Questions or Arrange for Services


For any questions with planning funeral home and cremations in Oceanside, NY, call Macken Mortuary. Our experienced staff can offer support in a multitude of ways. If you need help to understand how to interact at a service, we also welcome your call. Creating healing experiences to support the bereaved and honorably lay the dead to rest is our specialty.


Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs


Why do you personalize a funeral?

Personalizing a funeral or end of life celebration gives you a chance to pour your love and your grief into something important for you and your family. It's also a chance to create a service, a gathering of people closed to your loved one to reflect a beautiful life.


What qualifications do I need to work in a funeral home?

To qualify as a funeral staff, you would usually need a customer service background and good administration skills. You could take a certification or diploma in funeral arranging and administration, or a certificate in funeral service while working. Learn more.


Should I bring my children to the funeral?

You should use your judgment to determine whether your child is old enough to comprehend death and whether attending the funeral will be meaningful to them. It’s important for children to be allowed to express their grief and share in this important ritual. Learn more.

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