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Macken Mortuary is leading provider of the funeral and cremation services in Long Beach, NY, and the surrounding areas. Our funeral home has always been family-own and operated since its founding in 1909. It is our honor of providing quality service to the community for four generations and we feel very fortunate to continue this tradition. Our dedicated staff is here to provide support, compassion, and information to help you through your journey of grief and the celebration of your loved one’s life. We highly encourage you to call us at (516) 766-3300 or (516) 431-7800 for all your funeral and cremation needs.


Long Beach, NY Funeral Home And CremationsOriginally established in the early 1900s, Macken Mortuary has a long historical presence of service in this community and the surrounding areas. Supporting and lifting grieving families by caring for them and their deceased is a great honor. We always try to maintain the focus on how we can serve people. With our years of experience, we can offer guidance and help you clarify how to proceed with your next steps in making these final arrangements for funeral home and cremations in Long Beach, NY.


Even though we’ve been around for many years, we are committed to staying current with technologies, trends, and expanding our practice and offerings. We can cater services to those seeking very traditional solutions or those looking for more modern-styled events. We can even support those who are looking for more eco-friendly options for burial and cremation. Our caring and compassionate providers can help you understand the available service options and make a plan about how to proceed.


Common Types of End-of-Life Services


Though each service is unique to the individual being honored, there are general commonalities among the different service types. With that said, remember that there isn’t an exact way things need to happen in most cases. If you have an idea, please talk with us about it, and we will see how we can bring your vision forward if possible.


Services for full funerals are pretty standard. A funeral is held within a relatively short period of time after the death of the individual who is being honored. It creates a moment of pause for those who are close to this person. It provides an opportunity to pay final respects and find some small sense of closure. It also offers a critical moment of connection for grieving loved ones to come together in support, comfort, and loving remembrance.


Memorial services tend to be slightly different from funerals since the deceased's body is not present for the services. If cremation has been chosen and performed prior to this event, the ashes of the dead may be displayed at the meeting. No remains are needed to hold the memorial service, however. It can still provide a fantastic opportunity for those who have ties to this individual to come together to support one another.


If traditional casketed burial is not being considered, cremation may provide a good alternative. With cremation services, the body of the deceased is processed through incineration, and the resulting “cremains” are given back to the next of kin for final placement. One of the most common myths associated with cremation services is that it replaces funeral services. This is not the case. Ask us about how to pair funeral home and cremations in Long Beach, NY.


A Few Courtesies to Remember for Funeral Home and Cremations in Long Beach, NY


Planning the services of a close loved one can be altogether foreign territory for many people. Knowing a few of the common courtesies around these services can help put you slightly more at ease in this unusual circumstance. It can also be helpful if you have guests who are attending and asking questions about how you would like them to show up. Here are just a few things to consider:


  • What to Wear: Dress and grooming selections are personal, and anyone who attends services probably means well. However, if there is not a dress code, it is a good idea to choose conservative styles to not detract from the service itself.
  • Special Religious Considerations: If you need your guests to know about whether to participate in certain religious ceremonies or rites, you can ask the funeral directors to guide your group. If you are a participant and unsure how to proceed, look to the group for guidance or ask any nearby staff member for assistance.
  • Electronics Etiquette: If at all possible, leave electronics home or safely stowed out of the meeting. If not, the next best option is to power off your devices. Sometimes that is also not a possibility, so at a minimum, silence or set the ringer to vibrate.
  • Following Posted Rules: If you are attending a burial service or scattering service at a cemetery or memorial park, take a few minutes to review any posted rules of the space.
  • Using Quiet Voices: When talking amongst yourselves, it is respectful to other mourners to refrain from boisterous laughter or loud off-topic conversations. You can offer condolences and find a time to catch up with friends later.


Contact Macken Mortuary to Learn More


The professionals at Macken Mortuary are prepared to help you if you need to plan services or attend services. If you have any questions surrounding the topic of funeral home and cremations in Long Beach, NY, please call us to learn more.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs


What happens when death occurs?

The overwhelming feelings of disbelief, shock, despair, and numbness caused by the death of a loved one cannot be conveyed by mere words. Even when death is expected, the pain that loss brings can still be devastating. It is best to get in touch with a funeral home immediately to begin the healing journey. Learn more.


Why should I pre-plan my funeral?

Although there is a lot that goes into planning a funeral but making those arrangements beforehand gives you time to consider all your options and make sure that you’re covering all of the necessary details. The ultimate benefit of pre-planning is it reduces the stress for your family. Learn more about pre-planning your funeral.


What makes a good funeral home?

The best funeral home employs caring and compassionate staff, excellent customer service, and authentic sincerity towards the family they serve. The staff will treat you well and with consummate professionalism.

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