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When a loved one dies, it is important to honor their culture and religion. This can be done through multicultural funeral services. There are many different types of funeral services available, and each one can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your loved one's family. At Macken Mortuary, we are dedicated to upholding your family's ethnic customs and cultures. Our team's skill and range of experience are absolutely unrivaled. We urge you to read through the detailed material on many religious and cultural activities provided.

Different culture's funerals we offer:


Korean Funeral Service

One of the distinguishing features of Korean funerals is that the atmosphere is less solemn than at other funerals.  Keeping a positive attitude is one approach to try to lift the emotions of friends who have lost a loved one, even if attendees are sad for those who are directly affected. As a result, guests are more inclined to put on a brave front and hide their grief. The body is typically displayed in an open casket for a wake that can last up to three days. After the funeral, a procession of mourners accompanies the body to the burial site.


Chinese Funeral Service

Chinese funerals are typically more elaborate than other cultural funeral services. A typical Chinese funeral may last up to seven days, and the body is often displayed in a coffin that is open to the public. The deceased's children will usually participate in a number of rituals, such as wearing white clothes and crying in front of the coffin. Funeral and burial practices have immense religious significance for the Chinese, and they devote a lot of time and money to honoring their loved ones. The family holds a nightly vigil at the wake, placing photos, flowers, and candles on and around their loved ones.


Indian Funeral Service

Indian funerals are more colorful than other cultural funeral services. The body is often cremated, and the ashes are then dispersed in a sacred river. There is usually a lot of singing and dancing involved, as well as a number of different religious rituals. Funeral ceremonies can last for several days, and the family will often keep the deceased's body at home for a period of time before the cremation service.


Some families want to honor their loved ones by burying them. We can arrange for an open casket and viewings in these circumstances.


Jewish Funeral Service

Jewish funeral services are usually very somber and formal affairs. The service is conducted by a rabbi, and often includes readings from religious texts. Mourners typically wear black clothing, and the coffin is often closed during the service. A viewing, visitation, or wake are not normally part of Jewish practice. Instead, loved ones can pay a visit to the bereaved family at their home.


Following the service, mourners accompany the hearse to the cemetery or burying site, where the rabbi will perform prayers and everyone will offer a mourner's blessing.


Buddhist Funeral Service

Buddhist funeral services can vary greatly depending on the sect of Buddhism to which the deceased belonged. However, common elements include an invocation to the Buddha, readings from Buddhist scriptures, and a procession of monks. The body of the deceased may be cremated or buried.


Buddhist families participate in a beautiful and meaningful funeral service. Buddhists believe that after death, the soul is reincarnated. Death is not to be dreaded because it is not the end. Because the Buddha was cremated, Buddhists generally embrace cremation. They believe that this procedure frees the soul from its physical form, allowing it to reincarnate.


Hindu Funeral Service

Hindu funeral services can be quite elaborate, incorporating many different traditions to which the deceased belonged. However, common elements include an invocation to the Hindu gods, readings from Hindu scriptures, and a procession of priests. The body of the deceased may be cremated or buried.


Hindus prefer to die in the company of their loved ones at home. Following a death, it is usual to pay a visit to the family at their house to express condolences. Visitors should dress in plain white and observe the deceased silently and respectfully without touching them. The deceased is laid to rest in a simple casket with flowers and a wooden bead necklace put around their neck.


Taoist Funeral Service

Taoist funeral services can be conducted in a Buddhist temple, Taoist temple, or at home. They are usually presided over by a Taoist priest and include chanting, music, and prayers. The deceased is often cremated, and the ashes may be buried or scattered in a sacred place.


Incense and flowers, as well as images of the departed, surround the space at a Taoist funeral. Taoist funerals place a greater emphasis on life than death, with ceremonies performed to safeguard the deceased's spirit from harm.


Christian Funeral Service

A Christian funeral service can be conducted in a church, funeral home, or another place of worship. It typically includes prayers, hymns, and readings from the Bible. The deceased is often buried in a casket adorned with a cross or other religious symbol.


Friends and family gather to mourn and offer support to one another at a Christian funeral service. The service provides a time for remembrance, and healing and offers hope for the future.


During the funeral service, attendees usually wear appropriate attire of either black or white. The first few rows of seats at the front are reserved for immediate family. A priest or pastor presides over the service, and typically delivers a eulogy.


Other Religious Funeral Service

We put together a varied workforce that brings a lot of experience, knowledge, and understanding to our services to guarantee we exhibit respect and dignity in everything we do. This enables us to provide care to loved ones from a variety of cultures. Because of our team's multicultural background, we can frequently provide services in many languages or provide translation assistance during the planning process.


If you don't find a certain tradition represented, please contact Macken Mortuary personally for more information by calling (516) 766-3300 or (516) 431-7800. We take pride in fulfilling the wishes of each and every family we serve.

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